At last! - Nail colours that will not chip, peel, flake or smudge. Colour Calgel offers a large range of semi-permanent nail colours, and with matching varnishes - a system that will keep your nails looking their best, with the minimum of attention.

Colour Calgel is applied over natural or artificial nails, then placed under an Ultra Violet curing lamp for three minutes. A second coat is then applied and cured - that's it! As your nails grow, the matching nail varnish can be used to colour the new growth until it's time to have your Nail Technician give you a fill.

Should an occasion arise when you temporarily need to have another nail colour, simply apply the new colour varnish over your Colour Calgel. Then the next day, or whenever you choose, use a non-acetone nail varnish remover (Calcleanse), and you return to the original colour of your choice.

Colour Calgel can be removed without any damage whatsoever to your nails, by soaking them for a few minutes in Calaway - a specially formulated solution containing moisturising oils to prevent any drying of the natural cuticle oils. Colour Calgel is compatible with other types of nail systems and can be used over correctly applied fibreglass or acrylic nails.

Technical Information

  • Calgel is unlike the average gel or nail product - being gas permeable, it does not seal and inhibit the natural biological nail system.
  • Calgel allows the nail to respire. Although the nail is made up of dead keratin - a non-living material - it does give off moisture and by-product vapours connected with the metabolic activity of the skin under the nail.
  • Calgel's respiratory nature allows the nail and finger beneath to remain far more healthy and natural.
  • There are no acrylic monomers or methyl acrylic acid in the formulation of Calgel. These harsh chemicals are used with the traditional acrylic nail systems and have been found to cause allergic reactions in many people.
  • Calgel has been formulated in response to the overwhelming need for an easy-to-apply and safer system to beautify nails.